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The DHP Page David Hyde Pierce Photos

Welcome to the DHP photo pages! This is a humble little collection of images found either over the internet, in magazines and newspapers or captured from television shows. The pages will be updated as soon as new photos become available. If you happen to have any shots that do not appear here, and would be kind enough to want to share them with the rest of us, do e-mail me.

    Frasier - Various Episode Shots

    DHP - Candid Shots

    David & Emma & Mabel

    DHP in Seattle - 100th Frasier episode (ALL photos Duncan Lynskey)

    Awards Shows

    Charity, Benefits, Tributes, etc.

    Frasier - Shots Of the Cast

    Niles Shots



    Miscellaneous - TV guest spots, Talk Shows, Ads, Etc.

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