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This biography would have been impossible to write without the assistance of many people. My heartfelt thanks go to Lana Theodoropoulos in Toronto for proposing the project. Michele Burt in Birmingham, England contributed cyber-tea and sympathy, as well as wit, humor, a sharp eye for detail and a refusal to accept less than the best for our Niles. Martyn Forryan who provided a vocal cheering section for my Frasier script and great reader feedback when I needed it to keep writing. Amy Senninger in Libertyville, Illinois posed thoughtful questions and lent invaluable support. And the members of the Cafe Nervosa and DHP Mailing Lists dissected every aspect of the show and the characters in such minute detail that my job was made easy.

Thanks are also due to the many dedicated Niles fans who provided the websites where I located the photos and quotes used in this article, in particular Shirley Ann Cowden for her collection of episode stills and Linda Martin for her exhaustive compendium of Niles quotes and trivia.

But above all I am indebted to the writers, creators and cast of Frasier, especially the incomparable David Hyde Pierce. Without their consistently outstanding work Niles could not exist. And though they don't know it, together these talented people have helped dissolve a writer's block of five years and shown me how to have fun doing the work I love. I owe them big.


The text of this article is protected by copyright and may not be used without permission of the author. The photographic images, dialogue quotations, and characters from the TV series Frasier are the property of Grub Street Productions, Paramount Studios and/or NBC. This work is intended for amusement only and is provided free of charge by its author to interested fans of Frasier.


Kathy Churay is a freelance writer and Frasier fan living in Chicago, Illinois. She can be reached by e-mail at

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