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The DHP Page David Hyde Pierce Mailing List

For those of you who are interested, there is indeed a David Hyde Pierce Mailing List which has been in operation since December '97. The list consisted of approximately 200 members, but due to a computer crash, the list was lost (for those wondering why the DHP mailing list has been silent lately, that's why). So that this won't happen again and so that we can have a faster turn around time for posts, Lana has decided to move the list to a mailing list server, yahoogroups. If you want to sign up with the list again or if you want to sign up for the first time, go to, and you'll be subscribed immediately. Topics include DHP's movies, his role as Niles Crane and any news we come across.

If you are not yet part of "Café Nervosa", the premiere Frasier Mailing List, I suggest you join. To do so, send your e-mail address and name to The conversation is informative and fun, and you won't be sorry you gave it a go.

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