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Hi everyone, this is eunice of eunice's DHP page. You're probably wondering why I'm posting on Lana's DHP site and not my own. Well, there is a good explanation for this. In July 1999, Lana e-mailed me with a proposition. She will no longer be able to keep her DHP and Frasier sites going and rather than letting all her hard work go down the drain and letting a lot of DHP fans down, she generously offered me all the material on both her sites to merge with my own. As you can imagine, I was very honored that she offered her material to me but at the same time, sad to hear that there would be one less DHP page for the fans. Without much hesitation, I gladly accepted Lana's enormously generous offer especially since she has one of the most extensive collection of material on DHP and Frasier anywhere on the web. Initially, I thought I would just incorporate her stuff in with mine, but then I thought, wouldn't it be a shame not to share ALL of Lana's hard work? So I had this brilliant idea to keep her pages intact and just update as I would my own. However, soon reality set in and I realized that it would be impossible for me to keep up two DHP pages, especially when most of the information would be the same on both pages. So what I finally decided to do was keep most of what Lana has intact as sort of an archive and a tribute to Lana's enormous collection of material (especially since I know that I for one, and most of you, find her webpage format easy to manuever around) and put links from her site to mine and vice versa so that I wouldn't have to duplicate work. I know that this might not sound very clear now, but you'll soon see what I mean as I update and revise all of the sites I now have at my charge.

You might ask, so what's happening to the premiere DHP mailing list that Lana runs currently? The answer is NOTHING. Lana will still be in charge of the DHP mailing list which consists of 154 members (as of 7/22/99) with more joining every week. If you are not a part of the DHP mailing list already and would like to be, please contact Lana at I definitely recommend it if you are a DHP fan or even just a fan of "Frasier."

I will try to do my best not to let Lana and the fans of The DHP Page down. If you find links that are not in working or mistakes anywhere on my sites, please be sure to let me know. I try my best to keep everything as accurate as I can, but I'm only human.

My other Frasier related sites are all located at so please come check it out and please feel free to send me feedback on what you think of my pages. My websites are works in progress so any suggestion on how I could improve my sites would be most welcome. Thanks.

If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc., please contact me at

Posted 7/22/99

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