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1999 Emmys

David and Jenna David and Jenna
DHP and Jenna Elfman, 1999 Emmy Awards Hosts


Forget about it...Whack! Caroline having Sex in the City
David and Jenna perform an interpretive dance for the opening number

Emmy acceptance 1 Emmy acceptance 2 Emmy acceptance 3
David accepts his third Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Emmy Backstage 1 Emmy Backstage 2 Emmy Backstage 3

Emmy Backstage 4
David backstage at the Emmys after his win

Emmy Backstage 4 Emmy Backstage 5
David being playful with an image of the Emmy in the backdrop

Emmy Backstage 6
David talking to Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood

Emmy Backstage 7
David and fellow nominee and castmate, John Mahoney

Goodbye to the 1999 Emmys
David, Jenna and the Emmy winners bid adieu to the 1999 Emmys


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