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Comments about David Hyde Pierce

If you come across a quote about DHP that you don't find here, I'd appreciate it if you could e-mail me. Thanks.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Host NBCmike: Joseph, you worked on "The Powers the Be" with David Hyde Pierce...what do you remember most about him? Joey: He's amazing!... I learned more from him until this show. NBC Chat with Joseph Gordon-Levitt of "3rd Rock from the Sun" 05/23/97

Kelsey Grammer - "The better the performer, the better for all of us. David is extraordinary. It wasn't a surprise to me that he would pop up, because he's so good." The Official Frasier Companion by Jefferson Graham.

Jane Leeves - "...David is a magnificent human being. He's so decent and kind and hysterically funny. You just want him around all the time." TV Guide, August 1999

David Letterman - "...he's a very nice guy...He's actually very witty, quick, very facile mind." Rolling Stone, December 1995

John Mahoney - When asked who cracks him up the most on set: "If I'm watching the show, it's David. Some of us are more like our characters than others, and David couldn't be more different from Niles. When I watch David being so fussbudgety and playing that character and I know what he's really like, I find it very very funny." The Official Frasier Companion by Jefferson Graham.

Camryn Manheim - "I saw David and he's just so adorable," commenting on why she picked him up and swung him around during the announcements for the nominations for the 51st Emmy Awards.

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